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Wed at 21:24
hope you get better
Wed at 21:25
Get well soon man!
Oh wow, Sorry Jabba
Wed at 22:37
how do I apply
Wed at 22:37
for what?
Wed at 22:38
staff for the severs
Wed at 22:39
go to the server tab on here and choose the apply tab
Thu at 0:11
why is tech and rpg down?
Zil will probably handle it..
Thu at 0:15
according to the TS feed to the right, he's AFK
Thu at 0:18
Thu at 0:24
but, you can try to get on TeamSpeak and poke him if you want.
Thu at 0:32
Thu at 1:23
dang still down
Clutch_Cabbage @ APOC Tech & RPG
Thu at 1:31
Zil is a busy guy. Once he notices it's down he'll have it started right back up ^_^
Thu at 2:00
i know
Thu at 2:00
Classic and TRPG are both back up, among bteam, yogscast restarted due to errors.
Thu at 2:01
yay thx zil
Thu at 2:16
hey can someone help out we can't go to our base because we instantly crash can someone help pls
Thu at 2:19
we cant help you unless you tell us whats crashing you
Thu at 2:19
magical thing called a crash report + forums
Thu at 2:19
its a exp drain
Thu at 2:20
and i know
Thu at 2:20
Thu at 3:38
I still dont see a crash report on the forums
Thu at 3:38
guess you dont want help
23 hours ago
I need help on ags, the creative energy cell I bought has no charge in it to output anything
8 hours ago
hi guys i hav to go soon really soon
8 hours ago
im trying to get on voltz
8 hours ago
right now
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