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Many of our modded servers have been over mined, or over-raided. Servers like Big Dig or Hexxit that spawn dungeons it is impossible now to find any that have not been discovered and raided.

I will be setting up a 3 world system on all servers after the reset.
  • Overworld (Modded) - This world will be the main world for mods to generate in however it will be the world we will delete without notice over time if the mods have been depleted on this world be it dungeons or resources.
  • Vanilla World (Non-Modded) - This world will not generate any modded resources or dungeons however all modded machines and items can be used in this world if collected from the modded world. This world is where you will be allowed to build your homes and awesome creations.
  • Spawn World - This world will be where you spawn into the server. a 500x500 spawn, this will hold all of our player shops, admin shops, arenas, rules & information, etc.

This WILL NOT be setup and we will not even attempt to set it up until we wipe the worlds.

New Plugins & Depreciated Plugins:

  • Multiverse - Multi world management.
  • MythicDrops - Replacement for DiabloDrops, Shrines & Chests will no longer spawn.
  • Command Delay - Adds cooldowns for commands like /tpr and /back.
  • DungeonMaze - A world with endless mazes of dungeons.
  • DungeonBridge - Add compatibility for DungeonMaze & MythicDrops.
  • Skyblock - Adds skyblock worlds, leaderboards, parties, etc.
  • Mini-Games - Hunger Games, CTF, Infection, PVP, Mob Arena, Spleef Arena
  • Trouble in Mineville - A minecraft mini-game like the Trouble in TerroristTown game.
  • PropHunt - A minecraft mini-game like the Garys Mod Prop Hunt.
  • TekkitCustomizer - A item, mod banning/restriction plugin.
  • DEPRECIATED: DiabloDrops - Its been great but it has not got an update since MC 1.4.5
  • DEPRECIATED: SilkSpawners - This plugin is more of a pain then any other, it has a version per minecraft version and half of these versions do not even work on its correct mc version.
  • DEPRECIATED: AntiJoinBot - This plugin prevents people with proxies from connecting, however 1.6.4 servers have this built in and it will be removed from all 1.6.4 servers. (Tekkit Main / Voltz / B-Team / Bukkit / FTB / Pixelmon)
  • DEPRECIATED: AutoSaveWorld - This is what spams the chat saying AUTOSAVING and saves the world every 5 minutes, this has only been kept on most of our servers for its ability to restart the servers in 3 hours. We will find something else to do that and remove this resource hog of a plugin.
  • DEPRECIATED: CreativeControl - This plugin is no longer supported by the author and has not been updated recently.
  • DEPRECIATED: FloAuction - This plugin was added to add some spice to the server for players to sell their items. Barely anyone uses this plugin so it is being removed.
  • DEPRECIATED: WhatIsIt - This is a dependency mod for FloAuction.
  • DEPRECIATED: KitPlugin - We used this for our kits, but not only does it have so many errors and bugs like allowing people to get infinite amount of kits. Their author is a complete asshole and wont help us because "We use mods". Essentials has been setup to take over all kits thanks to Viskase900 for setting that up.
  • DEPRECIATED: LoginSecurity - This is needed for any server below 1.6.4 any servers from 1.6.4 or higher don't need this so it will be removed on those servers.
  • DEPRECIATED: MemoryChecker - This plugin was useful in the past when it actually worked, the author has become delusional and thinks his plugin is doing something when everytime it tries to free up memory on the server it says "Sorry nothing freed :(" Whats the point of it if it doesn't do its job?
  • DEPRECIATED: NoItem - This was used on our servers to ban items and mods, however it did not have complete control over mods and we had to ban a lot more items like autocrafters to compensate. We have found a better plugin and are removing this.
  • DEPRECIATED: RandomPlacer - This is our old /TPR plugin and has been replaced with GGTeleport.

We will be honoring supporter data transfers and schematic saves of supporter houses.

You will need to buy Premium Supporter for each server or buy Global Supporter for 2 servers any extra saves will require a backup fee of $5.00 that you can donate on our enjin homepage.


We WILL NOT save any data after the wipe, if you do not buy supporter and save your stuff now its gone for good!

After purchasing supporter contact the staff on your server for a schematic save of your home, the schematic cannot exceed 75x75 and we do not save underground bases.

If you are unable to contact the staff on your server contact Zilacon or Jack2000 for assistance.

If you want to help our servers we are accepting staff applications on enjin now! Click on the Apply for Staff on the navigation!

If you are a supporter and need your data saved comment below like this [ IGN: MC Name / Type of supporter: Premium/Global / Server: Server you want your stuff backed up on ]

Zilacon a Due to shortage of staff on servers please contact Jack2000 or another deus admin to make schematics of your homes on an ...
BountyhunterXTC BountyHunterXTC / Global Supporter / Tekkit Main I just need my inventory saved. Thanks a lot!
[P] kush306 Kush306 / Premium Supporter / Tekkit Main, If water could be save would appreciate it... with water its 73x73
There was a crashing problem on Tekkit Main with people using Thermal Expansion with Galactic Craft, DO NOT use these together! And DO NOT use Tesseracts with any energy source from GC!

Because of people doing this there is a high possibility that there is server-wide damage (removal of thermal expansion items).

Another issue was with a bad parameter that did not want to work on our main server the way it did on our second server. The parameter was supposed to encrypt everything on the server to make it more secure, it worked fine on pixelmon and bteam and was thrown on tekkit main and voltz.

Sadly those 2 did not like the idea of encryption, so its been removed.

Restart scripts have been fixed as well.

Hopefully this stops/fixes any crashings/random shutdowns any server was having.
If a server has any issues like this please leave a comment below with information regarding the issue.
Today mojang announced that there is a major exploit in their authentication servers, and it has been going on for a while now.

As mojang discussed on their website here: https://mojang.com/2014/04/heartbleed/

All minecraft accounts on minecraft.net or on mojang (username OR email minecraft accounts) might have been compromised all the way back to minecraft 1.2!

Because of this they not only told everyone to change their passwords they also had to scrap their old launcher due to this exploit. The legacy launcher used to launch minecraft 1.5.2 or lower is no longer supported and they urge everyone to use they new updated version on minecraft.net.

So everyone at APOC i ask of you to guarantee your accounts security and change your passwords so that no one can gain access to your accounts.
Through constant fighting with my "NEW" web host, finally my account has been restored.

They wanted to assure me that "this was not their intention"... Really?

Anyways forums are back to normal and people can continue to post on it.
If you have experience with being staff on a minecraft server please apply, we are in desperate need of fresh staff.

Webhost problems...

Zilacon a posted Apr 4, 14
So first off it started as a simple webhost transfer... Our old host disabled open sockets which screwed up registrations to our forums and defeats the purpose of having one.

So i went and bought a new web-hosting account for a different company, they blew the "apoc gaming network" operation out of proportion thinking i was going to use their crappy shared hosting account to host our servers, which is virtually impossible but they suspended my account on those grounds this isn't even 3 hours after i bought the damn package.

But it didn't end there, not only did they suspend my account, they were happy enough to drop a virus on my domain as well! If you went to apocgaming.org avast would block it for detecting a virus. All apoc domains now redirect to our enjin website until this issue is resolved.

Since our domains are controlled by CloudFlare i can redirect and update the DNS of our domains anywhere i choose in a matter of minutes, so you wont get a virus from going to our craptastic new host you will just be transferred here.

ANYWAYS they claim they are "investigating" on how this virus came to be on our website... We never had a virus until they suspended my website so im pretty sure i know where it came from, them. I am an IT Tech i despise viruses or any malicious programs, to see people infect my website makes me boil.

So hold on to your forum posts cause we wont be having one for a few days.

I hope i can get all this crap sorted out in a timely manner...
NONE of our minecraft servers are effected by this in any way!
Our web host and server hosts are completely separate.
Zilacon a I use godaddy for their domain services but their hosting services are a joke man. I tried a 7 day free trial and my web ...
Scariex Switch to GoDaddy. They're the best trusted web host. My friend runs an website with them, no single virus Avast reporte ...
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