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Fri at 0:51
i really need to buy some HeadOn to apply directly to my forehead...
Fri at 0:53
Fri at 9:29
should'a had a V8?
Fri at 15:36
WHY is tekkit main down?!
Fri at 15:37
[DEUS] Zyzzx223
Zyzzx223 @ APOC-G Tekkit Main
Fri at 17:12
i have been on tekkit main all morning. it hasnt been down on my end.
Fri at 17:22
wats going on with tekkit lite
Fri at 18:32
Have i been demoted on tekkit classic? I don't have my rank
Fri at 18:36
Fri at 18:57
To mod or regular player?
Fri at 18:58
I have regular in-gaming
Fri at 19:03
Fri at 21:05
zilacon why isnt the server up yet?
Fri at 23:30
its up now
Sat at 2:36
zy tempbanned me for joking around
[DEUS] Zyzzx223
Zyzzx223 @ APOC-G Tekkit Main
Sat at 2:38
i did not. 1) please post your complaints on the forum page. This is not the place for complaints. 2) i have 2 admin who agree with me and dozens of screen shots of your staff abuse. A 1 day temp ban was something i did to be NICE. I have enough here to permaban.
Sat at 2:39
i was just joking
[DEUS] Zyzzx223
Zyzzx223 @ APOC-G Tekkit Main
Sat at 2:40
you were not joking. you were disrespecting. I will not be this nice again. we have had nothing but problems and drama with you and i will not hesitate to ban you
"joking around"
14 hours ago
Okay Zilacon, yes I broke blocks outside of spawn but it was small hole and stuff outside the walls. I didnt break anything important. Also, i got helped some people by telling them you're not supposed to build there. If you dont reconsider my ban, okay. I will never bother you again.
14 hours ago
suit and tie
Broseph62193 @ APOC-G Tekkit Lite
9 hours ago
yo zil you on?
4 hours ago
In TEKKIT MAIN i cant leave spawn the best deus ever removed our perms to leave spawn!
4 hours ago
yes broseph?
4 hours ago
when i do /home in spawn it says You do not have permission to leave this area
4 hours ago
now im stuck at spawn and some other people (well everybody)
4 hours ago
i guess its just me cuz i have no perms
4 hours ago
your jailed it sounds like
4 hours ago
pipe jailed and unjailed me like 5 times
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