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[MOD] Tanthemaster
Tanthemaster @ APOC-G Voltz
Fri at 13:26
Good moring people or good afternoon
Fri at 13:26
its 6:30am here i should be going back to bed...
[MOD] Tanthemaster
Tanthemaster @ APOC-G Voltz
Fri at 13:28
lol thats the time i got up
Fri at 23:02
Sat at 16:50
Hello guys anyone ever going to join big dig?
Sat at 18:18
it appears tekkit main is down?
Sat at 18:19
any particular reason why?
Sat at 19:37
Voltz is starting to have bad issues as well.
Sat at 19:37
Just give Zil time and he'll be on to see what's happening.
Sat at 19:37
Sat at 22:08
why are all custom modpacks down? wtf?
Sat at 22:56
Yea Tekkit main still down
Sat at 22:56
Been hours
Sat at 22:56
Zil we be on later probs, when I go to sleep... hmmm its a shame I lost all of that time
Sat at 23:52
Voltz and Tekkit Main are back up... I think its time to downgrade our factions version...
Sat at 23:53
Every crash for the last month has been factions.
Sat at 23:53
Thank you Zil. <3
Sun at 16:10
Servers will be shutdown at 10PM PST until 4AM PST for maintenance.
Mon at 6:24
i am having to repair both my ae lines and mekinesm power lines each time i log in... is their a way around it using different mod ... thanks
Mon at 7:24
Have you tried ExtraUtility wires?
Mon at 7:25
Or making a chunk loader?
Mon at 9:43
Tech & RPG, Tekkit Main, Tekkit Lite, Big Dig, Voltz, Hexxit are now back online.
Mon at 9:52
Pixelmon, Agrarian Skies, Bukkit, B-Team, and Tekkit Classic are now back online.
Mon at 22:17
Heh power was out for 30 mins, no one noticed di they?
Mon at 22:17
Gotta love battery backups :sick:
Mon at 23:21
[MOD] Tanthemaster
Tanthemaster @ APOC-G Voltz
Mon at 23:41
[MOD] Tanthemaster
Tanthemaster @ APOC-G Voltz
Mon at 23:50
im so sorry
21 hours ago
Hey, I know I haven't been on in a while, what's new?
6 hours ago
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