Finally i got some time to setup our forums on our website!

You are free to discuss anything related to gaming in general on our forums, share videos and pictures, meet new people to play with, and think up new ideas for our servers!

Please post anything you would like to share, suggest, report to any of us in the community!

A few things i wanted to discuss on our forums as of late was our rules. Many people do not know what rules are for whom or for what servers. I have pretty much cleared up every rule for players, supporters, and staff alike in my post here:

There is also a post about rules on the forums, please abide by these rules on every post you make! Any breaking of these rules will have the same punishments as online on our servers. You can view the forum rules here

Any issues with our servers including crashes, bugs, glitches, exploits, duplications, staff abuse of any sort, players breaking rules, griefing, raiding, etc. We want you to report this stuff to us so we can take action on it.

We cannot fix things that we are not aware of, by posting issues with players and staff on our forums we can investigate and fix whatever the issue may be.

Suggestions are needed! We want to improve our servers and our players gaming experience in any way we can! Bringing up plugins, mods, mini-games, or events is a great way to improve our servers based on our community needs.

Also i released a big ID Conflict update to the Tech & RPG modpack today! (Version 2.0.2) so download your update and test it out! MFFS systems are now fixed!

Please if you have not already sign up to the website and +1 our modpack on this page here

And i have also listed our Tech & RPG pack on Planet Minecraft as well, so please leave a diamond and fav on our modpack listing here

And our 4th of july sale will be extended up to August 1st so grab the savings while you can!