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Fri at 9:42
long time no login for me I see you guys are seeking JAVA Programers I wish I were one :(
Fri at 11:43
did you guys hear that microsoft bought mojang?
Fri at 12:24
that info is lyk everywhere now...
Fri at 15:53
so for this post on a forum/like share stuff, how do i claim the prizes?
Fri at 18:07
with a link to your post, then the Deus Admin of that server will give you your rewards
Fri at 20:05
Sat at 19:08
hmm i wonder
Sat at 19:08
my school district gets discounts on microsoft stuff for students its free does that mean free premium minecraft? hmmmm
Sun at 3:29
TRPG is down
Sun at 3:32
Nope, just restarting
Sun at 15:06
hi guys
Sun at 18:56
how do you cancel a subscritption?
Sun at 20:12
can someone start up the voltz server
Sun at 21:04
can someone start up the voltz server plz
Sun at 21:05
Sun at 21:06
zil is the only one who can do that can do that, he is not on, he will do it when he gets on
Sun at 22:16
when will that be
Sun at 22:16
How about you try to login? The server is up.
Sun at 22:17
oh hey
Sun at 22:17
Sun at 22:17
ok i will try
Sun at 22:18
thank you
14 hours ago
you guys running gregtech 5.0?
14 hours ago
None of our servers have gregtech
13 hours ago
when will the voltz server be back after the restar or how long will it take
13 hours ago
should be back up ina second
13 hours ago
ok thxs
13 hours ago
I sent a staff request thingy. When will I get the results? (I am impatient sorry)
12 hours ago
When it gets approved. The more you ask higher chance it will be denied.
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