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Fri at 0:02
in sanctuary if a house is unclaimed arent u allowed to grief it?
Fri at 0:11
Fri at 0:25
zyzzx wanted to temp ban me for griefing his unclaimed house
Fri at 0:25
in tekkit lite
Fri at 0:30
what i said was this luca, if you grief people and bully people and do what you were doing earlier on tekkit lite on the tekkit main server, that i would ban you. i have screen shots of you cussing out kraco10 and not giving back his drill which he let you borrow, where you promptly drilled out my house which WAS claimed but i made the mistake of /trusting you. Plus on top of that you were being abusive to me in the tekkit main server and now youre calling me out here to make a scene.
Fri at 0:35
u didnt /trust me, half of the house was unclaimed
Fri at 0:36
and the other half i couldnt mine because it was claimed by u
Fri at 0:38
and im sure by now u claimed the other half to get me in trouble
Fri at 0:38
im not trying to get you in trouble luca. youre the only one trying to get anyone in trouble. im defending myself
Fri at 0:50
r u still going to ban me
Fri at 0:51
i really need to buy some HeadOn to apply directly to my forehead...
Fri at 0:53
Fri at 9:29
should'a had a V8?
21 hours ago
WHY is tekkit main down?!
21 hours ago
19 hours ago
i have been on tekkit main all morning. it hasnt been down on my end.
19 hours ago
wats going on with tekkit lite
18 hours ago
Have i been demoted on tekkit classic? I don't have my rank
18 hours ago
17 hours ago
To mod or regular player?
17 hours ago
I have regular in-gaming
17 hours ago
15 hours ago
zilacon why isnt the server up yet?
13 hours ago
its up now
10 hours ago
zy tempbanned me for joking around
10 hours ago
i did not. 1) please post your complaints on the forum page. This is not the place for complaints. 2) i have 2 admin who agree with me and dozens of screen shots of your staff abuse. A 1 day temp ban was something i did to be NICE. I have enough here to permaban.
10 hours ago
i was just joking
10 hours ago
you were not joking. you were disrespecting. I will not be this nice again. we have had nothing but problems and drama with you and i will not hesitate to ban you
"joking around"
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