The 2.0.3 update is finally here with the below changes!
2.0.3 (7/26/14): RPG & Food Update!
- Remove FoodEX
- Remove ProjectZULU
- Add Harvest Craft (Replaces FoodEX) - Every possible food you could ever imagine including SMOOTHIES!
- Add Divine RPG (Replaces ProjectZULU) - Mobs, Dungeons, Bosses, Dimensions, Portals, Armors, Tools, Weapons, and so much more...
- Add Blood Magic - MAGIC! WITH BLOOD!
- Add Hunger Overhaul - Adds buffs and debuffs to hunger and food.
- Add Infinibows - Allows shooting of bows without any arrows if the bow has the infinity enchantment.
- Add More Swords Mod - Adds a crapload of new swords and some have special abilities.
- Add Melon Spawn - Spawns melons in the overworld like pumpkins spawn.
- Add Not Enough Keys - This will hopefully fix and allow any player to customize their key bindings for every mod in our pack so that nothing is being overlapped.

Also we got a new Technic Launcher screen:

And a new loading screen:

Please report any and all issues on our forums!
NOTE: Some applied energistics blocks will change due to a ID change!