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Thu at 3:38
I still dont see a crash report on the forums
Thu at 3:38
guess you dont want help
Thu at 8:52
I need help on ags, the creative energy cell I bought has no charge in it to output anything
Thu at 23:53
hi guys i hav to go soon really soon
Thu at 23:53
im trying to get on voltz
Thu at 23:53
right now
Fri at 18:03
How would I go about upgrading my monthly subscription fro global fly, to global creative?
Fri at 18:04
you would have to cancel then repurchase the other package
Fri at 18:04
or buy a perm package
Fri at 18:05
ok then, I'm sort of saving up for a permanent
Fri at 18:10
canceled and purchased the global creative
Fri at 18:16
could you enable my rank commands on agrarian skies please
Fri at 18:17
forgot to say I am a senior mod as well
Fri at 18:17
on that server lol
Fri at 18:42
um ags doesnt have creative
Fri at 18:42
just fly
Fri at 18:53
does that mean I can't use it on ags then, even though it's global?
Fri at 19:09
yeah but if you look on the ags shop creative packs arent on there
Fri at 19:09
having creative on ags would be too cheap and overpowered
Fri at 19:10
it would defeat the whole point of the modpack
Fri at 19:11
not if you are creative, I enjoy ags even if I have creative, I will never be bored
Fri at 19:12
sorry thats how we decided to set it up
Fri at 19:12
you got creative on the other 11 servers tho
Fri at 19:13
ok then
Fri at 19:15
is there any limitations on creative, is there a way to make sure others don't steal your spawned in stuff?
Fri at 19:15
no but there are rules on the global rules section on the forums regarding usage of creative
Fri at 19:18
yes, i think I get it now, be creative, not op :sick:
Fri at 19:22
could you enable the rank on tppi please lol
Fri at 19:26
thank you
Fri at 22:44
just made an apoc server dedicated skin for kingbacca12345 http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/apoc-gamer-1/
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